Jeremiah 23

The first half of Jeremiah 23 calls out the prophets and teachers of the day and reveals the reason things are bad.  They are leading the people away from God.  They are selfishly doing what they want and calling it a word from God.  The result – hows this for a visual – God says their “unfaithfulness is turning the country into a cesspool”.  That is pretty darn clear.  These leaders are not tuned in to God and are totally on their own agenda and plan.  They do not follow His guidance. 

He goes on to call out the fact that they “preach their “Everything Will Turn Out Fine” sermons and lead the people away from needing God.  Sometimes I think we fall into this thinking as well.  Everything is gonna be fine if we are in the right relationship with God.  If we are sinning or walking is disobedience, it won’t turn out just fine. 

And the root of it all is made very clear by Jeremiah here.  Pay attention to the issue: “Have any of these prophets bothered to meet with me…..bothered to take in what I have to say…..listened to and then lived out my Word”?  See any issues here.  These so called prophets did not have a relationship with God – they made it up as they went.  They didn’t know the Word and certainly did not live by it.  They just did what they wanted and made up the teaching as they went.  God is not pleased by that.  We have to walk with Him and know His Word.  We have to be sure to follow leaders who do too!

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