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Jeremiah 12

Jeremiah asks God a tough question in chapter 12.  Why do bad people have it so good”?  That is a question we all would like to know the answer to isn’t it.  But he doesn’t stop there – he continues with “you don’t let me get by with a thing”.  So God – bad people not only have it good but they seem to get away with everything too.  How come?  I am not a theologian so I encourage you to read the chapter and draw your own conclusions.  But what God spoke to me was this – quit worrying about how I deal with other people – let’s focus on you.  He tells us that “all this is the result of God’s fierce anger”.  We serve a very loving God, but God has standards and expectations for us to achieve as His people.  In this time there were things dying, people being taken away, “plant wheat and reap weeds” – now that is something only God could cause.  When we fail to meet God’s expectations and requirements He does take action to get our attention.  If we ignore that, the heat gets turned up until we figure it out.  God is not into total destruction of His people, but He is into total obedience and if it takes some difficult times, even to the point of destruction to get the attention again, well that may have to happen. 


But the story really is pretty clear about how to fix it.  If they will get serious about living my way and pray to me….everything will go well for them”.  The sad reality is that we create the situation we live in and then we want to blame God for it.  It isn’t God’s fault folks – we make our own bed and then wonder why we have to sleep in it.  God doesn’t really have that many requirements.  He demands our love and our obedience.  He equips us with the manual to live right (His Word) and the communication to make it possible (prayer) and then throws in the internal compass and strength to do it (His Holy Spirit).   God lives in us and gives us the directions – it all comes down to choice about whether we will do it His way or not.  As we read scripture it is full of stories of those who made the choice not to do it God’s way and the total destruction that follows.  Don’t think for a minute that the rules have changed.  God still expects obedience.  Jesus came to save us from our sin and give us eternity, but that doesn’t change the game in terms of being accountable to live God’s way.  It isn’t a free pass to do what we want and neglect God’s standards.  So it is time to “get serious about living”.  God’s way is the only way.  We need to walk with Him as we talk with Him.  Today!

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