Jeremiah 5

The second half of Jeremiah 5 is pretty straight and in their face (ours too).  God is clear that the people get what they deserve – the Message version calls it “tit for tat” – you get what you have coming.  “…as you left me….so now you must serve”.  The people are going into slavery to a foreign land because they have walked away from God.  There is a price to pay for sin.  There is a consequence when we chose to do things that are outside of God’s ways.  Sometimes we focus so much on the grace of Jesus and His forgiveness that we forget the reality of the cost of sin.  Yes Jesus blood does cover us from all sin in terms of the eternal separation from God, but it does not remove the consequences of sin that occur.  There is still peripheral damage from those choices and salvation does not mean it won’t hurt.  The key is to focus on obedience.  That is how we avoid the pain and damage done by sin.


The problem is clearly pointed out in this section: Jeremiah makes it clear that they have “eyes that see but don’t really look, and ears that hear but don’t really listen”.  Sound like something I might hear from my wife or kids.  We don’t always pay attention to those close to us, and that is certainly true of our relationship with God.  We allow the distraction of life, or just a plain lack of focus on Him, to prevent us from seeing or hearing what He has for us.  How can we be happy about that?  How can we let it continue?  I know certainly I am guilty here.  If I don’t take intentional steps to connect with Him in a meaningful way, things of this world push in and keep it from happening.  But He goes further and asks: “Why don’t you honor me? Why aren’t you in awe before me”? Now that is a very good question.  We serve the God of the universe and yet we don’t treat him that way – at least I certainly don’t always relate to Him as the great I AM.  God not only deserves our honor and respect, our awe and focus, He demands it.  We need to pay attention to that.


The price for our lack of relationship: “Your sins keep my blessings at a distance”.  This is the really sad truth of the somewhat hidden cost of sin.  It really isn’t hidden, but unless we stop to realize it, we may miss it.  God is unable to bless us indeed when we allow sin to keep us apart from His blessing.  We limit His ability to pour out all his richness on us.  What a sad result – to miss some of what He wants to freely give us.  Get it right – listen to Him, walk in obedience, resist the devil and keep sin at bay.  That is how we get God’s best!

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