Jeremiah 4

Jeremiah 4 talks about the pending doom for the city of God’s people.  But it starts with a promise: “If you want to come back….you must really come back…and not wander”.  God is willing to let His people come back, come home, if we only will.  But we can’t just return half way and it needs to be complete.  Sometimes we sort of come back, we sort of give up sin, at least until it calls us away.  I love how verse fourteen says “scrub the evil from your lives so you will be fit for salvation”.  We need to clean up our lives – wash out our mouths with soap (ever experienced that?) – and get back in relationship with God.  Once we determine the path to come back, there is more direction: “Plow your unplowed fields, but then don’t plant weeds in the soil”.  We need to turn over the soil and plant in it, but not just anything, we need to plant good seeds.  We need to plant seeds of righteousness and care for them.  Then we can avoid the problem they had: “They have no idea who I am”.  That is a sad state of affairs – to not know or recognize the God of the universe.  Do you?

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