Jeremiah 2

The second half of Jeremiah 2 deals with God’s utter frustration with the people.  They have been disloyal and have “shook off all restraints” and said “I will not serve”.  That is a bad plan.  To tell the God of the universe that He will not receive their service and action is rather suicidal.  Why do we get like that?  Why do we try and take over the role of being God and dictating how things will be?  Self gets in the way.  We decide we will climb up and sit on the throne of our life and be in charge.  Oh how wrong that attitude is.  God responds like this: “I can’t stand to even look at you”.  Not exactly the kind of relationship we should seek with the God of creation.  How do people respond: “I’m not stained by sin”.  My how we deceive ourselves. 


We are not only stained, we are going to pay for sin.  Eternal separation from God is the penalty if we don’t deal with it.  And the only answer for us is a relationship with Jesus who went to the cross to pay the price.  So how do we fall into this trap of thinking we can do what we want and do it our way?  Jeremiah records the problem: “my people forget me….they never give me a thought”.  It comes down to keeping God front and center in our lives.  We have to remember.  We cannot forget that He created us, this universe we live in, and has absolute control.  It is not about you or me.  It is about lining up with Him.  We can try to fool ourselves into the attitude the people had here: “I’ve done nothing wrong…God doesn’t mind…He hasn’t punished me”.  Oh how wrong that is.  Judgment’s on the way” because there is a price to sin.  There are no free passes. 

Are you ready?  Is the sin of your life paid for?

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