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Jeremiah 2

Jeremiah 2 talks about the relationship God had with his people in the first half.  I love how it is described: “youthful loyalty…love as newlywed”.  Do you remember that love you had for your spouse when you were newlyweds?  Googly eyes, can’t do anything wrong, want to be together all the time, love is joyful kinds of stuff.  That is how our love with God should be folks.  It should consume us.  It should be something that drives how we live and relate to Him.  I don’t want to compare the love you have for a spouse with the love you have for God, but it should certainly not be any less – how we love God.  After all, He loved us first and He certainly loves us most. 

Things begin to drift apart (have you ever heard that one before) and the people begin to lose that passionate love for the Father.  They even lose sight of His presence in their lives.  Why does drifting occur?  Ever been in a boat?  It is rare that a boat doesn’t drift some – unless you anchor it or work at it by rowing to keep it from happening.  That is why drifting occurs – we don’t work at preventing it.  We assume that saying I love you a few times up front should cover us for the unforeseeable future.  Certainly most of us guys think like that.  “I told you once and if it changes I will let you know” is not the right approach to living a life of love.  But we treat God like that.  We allow our relationship to drift apart because we don’t practice consistent spiritual disciplines like a daily quiet time, prayer, bible reading etc. 

Then we get to the point the people are in this chapter – focused on something that looks like a god but has no power.  We chase “empty god-dreams and silly god-schemes”.  How true that is.  We start looking around when we lose the focus on staying in love with God.  Happens the same way in marriage.  We have to choose to stay committed to loving every day, moment by moment.  We don’t drift, we choose to allow the love we have to become less important than our own selfish desires.  Scripture tells us that the people here that Jeremiah is talking to have “traded God’s glory” for empty and silly dreams and schemes.  Don’t let that happen to you.  In your walk with God, or you spouse.  Love takes work!  Get out there and get to work!

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