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Ezekiel 47

Ezekiel takes a walk with the Son of man in chapter 47.  He starts with water that is ankle deep, then knee deep, waste deep and finally over his head.  It is on the east side of the Temple and it is used to teach a very important lesson.  Catch what scripture tells us here: “Wherever the river flows, life will flourish….Where the river flows, life abounds”.  There is life in a flowing river.  It talks in this chapter about how the river will give life to a dead sea of stagnant waters.  This is so descriptive of our lives.  If we only take things in – never share and give – we become like the dead sea – full of valuable minerals and other stuff but NO life.  Life requires us to take in and give out.  That is what makes life happen.  That is the principle of giving.  We need to give freely, but also learn the law of receptivity where we also freely receive.  That is when there is power flowing in and through us.  This river analogy is just like life.  The more we let flow through us to others, the more life we experience and create.  But wait, there is more…. “the leaves won’t wither, the fruit won’t fail”…. every month the trees will “bear fresh fruit”.  Having life that is really alive also does more than just seem vibrant to the living – it bears fruit – it multiplies and creates more.  That is God’s desire for each of us – he said is in Matt 28:19,20 – Go make disciples.  We need to reproduce ourselves.  We can’t do that if we have no life, if the river does not flow in and through us.  Is the river of life flowing in you?  Or are you a dead sea, all in and no out?

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