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Ezekiel 43

Ezekiel 43 continues the description of the Temple, only this time, it is speaking directly about the area of worship and not only the raw dimensions, but also the way things should happen.  Ezekiel starts out sharing about the “Glory of God”.  Oh how I look forward to experiencing that the way he describes it: “bright…rivered out of the east sounding like the roar of floodwaters…. Glowed….poured in…filled the Temple”.  We serve an amazing God.  He is awesome beyond compare.  He wants to fill our churches today, as well as the “temple of the Holy Spirit” – which is you and me.  God wants His glory to shine through us.  That means we get the stuff in this chapter right – the throne where He sits and the altar where we worship and sacrifice for the sin in our lives.  Those are the two key areas described in this chapter. 


God wants us to have His throne filled with Him – not me.  Who sits on the throne of your life?  That question comes up over and over in scripture and in my daily thoughts.  Why?  Because we need to ask it often.  We tend to push God off the throne and take control ourselves.  We have to constantly choose to put Him there.  The natural reaction is to sit there ourself until things get tough and then wonder why He is not there in control.  Doesn’t work that way at all.  God desires to be Lord of your life and mine moment by moment day by day, all day every day.  When we live that way, He is on the throne in good times and bad and life is manageable.  That is His plan.  The second area is that of dealing with our sin.  In the times of Ezekiel, it was about sacrifice on the altar.  Guess what, it still is.  Sin has a price that has to be paid.  The difference is that for us, Jesus paid that price on the cross as our “blood sacrifice” and has given us access to God’s grace and mercy through a relationship with Himself.  There still is a price for sin that has to be paid


The other thing that stands out in this chapter is what God tells Ezekiel to do in helping educate the people and get them involved in understanding: “Show them the whole plan….ins and outs…. Proportions…. Regulations…. laws. Draw a picture so they can see the design and meaning and live by its design and intent”.  I love this concept.  We need to seek the same from God’s direction to us – His Word.  The Bible is our “plan” for life.  God gave it to us to help us know how to live.  He alone is the source of direction and success.  He alone is the way we can live a life of “fullness”.  He alone has the map for happiness.  Are you in His Word?  Do you know the plan?  “Study to show thyself approved”.  Get into the Word – read it, know it, memorize it and meditate on it.  It will change your attitude and your life if you let it……

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