Ezekiel 11

Ezekiel continues to get direction through his vision from God in chapter 11.  He sees twenty-five men standing at the gate who are the leaders of the city and “think up new programs for evil” in the city.  He is told to “preach against them”.  That sounds like a great job doesn’t it – to be asked to preach against the leaders and the people who “can make anything happen” according to scripture.  God doesn’t always ask us to do simple and easy tasks, but He will always have us in line with His character and will when He asks us to do something.  Several times in this chapter, as God talks about the destruction coming for the people, He gives us a glimpse as to why.  “You’ll realize that I am God”.  Seems the people have forgotten that He is.  They have “sunk to the level of the laws of the nations around you”.  Does that describe you?  Have you allowed the world to drag you down to that level, or are you walking with God at His level?  The enemy wants us to just fit in with those around us.  But God has called us to a very different set of standards.  He says: “I’ll give you a new heart. I’ll put a new spirit in you”.  God will make all things new.  But there is a reason – pay attention to His motive: “Then you’ll obey…..You’ll be my people”!  What an exciting prospect.  God wants to do a work in me and you.  He wants to help us become His by giving us a new heart and a new spirit so we can be obedient and become His.  That is His measure.  Am I obedient to His leading?  It matters and that is His litmus test.

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