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Ezekiel 10

Ezekiel continues in chapter 10 to share his vision.  The vision contains description of the cherubim in the temple and what their makeup was.  As I read this chapter, which I am sure has some deep meaning I encourage you to plug into the reference books and figure out, I was struck by the impact of the power of God in the Temple.  Check out what scripture says about that: “Court and Temple were both filled with the blazing presence of the Glory of GOD”.  We serve a mighty and powerful God.  I may not understand the cherubim angels or burning coals, the man dressed in linen or the wheel within a wheel, but I do understand the awesome God we serve is in control of all of it.  And I long to experience the “blazing presence” of the Glory of God.  It reminds me of a song we sang in church choir which I really love to sing – “Shine, Jesus, Shine”.  In that song are words that seem to fit here: “Shine, Jesus, Shine, fill this land with the Father’s glory, Blaze, spirit, blaze Set our hearts on fire! Flow, river, flow, Flood the nations with grace and mercy, Send forth your word, Lord, and let there be light”.   Am I living in the blazing presence of God?  Are you?  Is His power and Spirit setting us on fire?  We serve the God who can fill any area with His blazing presence.  He does it whether we recognize it or not.  God is alive and active and wants our lives to reflect His love.  We are the source of fire and light in a very dark world.  Are you on fire for Jesus?

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