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Ezekiel 4

God gives Ezekiel a series of commands in chapter 5 to prepare him for what his task will be.  He asks Ezekiel to “take a brick…draw…model….build….construct….set up…..lay in….get…….face”.  Those words mean anything to you?  They are all action words and God has asked Ezekiel to prepare for the future by creating a model of what is to come.  As he does this, Ezekiel finds out he is going to have to deal with the “sin of the family of Israel” by lying on his left and then right side for one day for every year the people have sinned – “390 + 40 days” by the time he deals with the sin of Judah as well.  Food will be scarce, water tight, yet Ezekiel has to endure being “sieged” on behalf of the people.  I really was whacked when I got to the last few words of chapter 5: “This is what sin does”.  Do you think about this at all as you go through your day.  There is always a cost to sin – big sin, little sin, it doesn’t matter which – there is a price to pay for sin.  I sometimes forget that.  I sometimes think it is ok to do a little sin – snap at my wife because she deserved it, eat that extra food I don’t need because it is there, drive over the speed limit or fail to say a kind word when God prompts me.  Sin always carries a price tag folks.  It is never a free pass.  And as we celebrate Easter this weekend we should never ever forget this truth.  Jesus went to the cross because of that truth.  He gave His life freely to pay the price for my sin and yours.  He was beaten and suffered physically because that is the only way for sin to be forgiven – by the shedding of blood.  Jesus was willing to do that for you and me.  But that doesn’t change the reality that sin always carries a price.  Jesus paid for our forgiveness, but the circumstances and impact still exist and can shape generations to come.  Scripture is clear about that – the sins of the fathers go for three of four generations.  Sin is a big deal.  It was big enough in God’s plan that He had to give His only Son to pay for it.  It should be big enough in our plan to make every effort to avoid it and run from it.  The enemy wants to nail us in this area.  He is all over that.  Let’s be sure we don’t let that happen.  Let’s walk with God in holiness and righteousness and be victorious over sin. 

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