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Hosea 11

Hosea brings a couple simple truths to light as he continues to point out God’s anger toward the people.  I am amazed at how quickly people forget God’s touch on their life.  What is the real issues – God points out the issue when he tells us: “when others called him, he ran off and left me”.  We sure do have a short attention span when it comes to God some days.  We can be totally dependent on Him when we are struggling or in trouble, but the moment things seem to be getting better we are off on another set of tracks and not paying attention like we should.  We need to be on track with the Father each day, moment by moment.  We need to be plugged in or our spiritual battery will go dead.  Another issue that Hosea points out really strikes me.  When he writes about other issues the people had, he says they “never admitted that I was the one pulling his wagon” about the children of Israel.  Not only did they ignore God much of the time, they also did not acknowledge God’s impact when He led them.  Do you share God’s leading in your life with others?  Are you letting them know who is “pulling your wagon” and giving you direction in your life?  I don’t hear it a whole lot unfortunately.  We are quick to ask for God’s help but slow to give Him credit for what He does.  We need to be sharing life with others by giving them a view into God’s touch on our lives.  We need to be walking and talking messengers to God’s faithfulness.  As the chapter continues the question comes up as to why God does not just wipe out the people.  He is angry – very angry with their lack of love and obedience. He gives us the answer: “Because I am God and not a human”.  God has every reason to be unhappy and angry.  Humans are not the most reliable when it comes to consistency in our relationships.  But God is not human – He is God.  In fact, He just is.  And I am glad He doesn’t act like me actually ever.  He is God and He is always the same, yesterday, today and forever.  Thank you God for being a God we can trust and rely on.  Thank you for loving me today and every day. 

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