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Luke 24

Breaking news….the tomb is empty!  Jesus has been crucifed and “at the crack of dawn…the women came to the tomb”.  Do you ever wonder where the 11 were that morning?  Why are these women the first ones on the scene?  No answer to that question – but it makes me wonder if I would have been there to bless my Jesus with the “burial spices” that morning.  The women come to the tomb and were amazed.  “They found the entrance stone rolled back from the tomb”.  That’s odd.  This stone is rather massive and could not have been easily moved.  In other accounts in scripture it had been under guard by Roman soldiers as well.  But the women “walked in” and found the tomb empty.  Jesus’ body is gone – nowhere to be found.  Just then “out of nowhere…two men…light cascading over them…stood there”.  Now wouldn’t that freak you out?  You walk into a tomb and find the body gone but just then here are a couple angels that show up.  How do you respond?  These women “were awestruck and bowed down in worship”.  I am pretty impressed with their response.  Doesn’t talk of screams or fleeing – but worship and respect.  But here comes the key to the sum total of the life of Jesus – pay attention – the men said “Why are you looking for the Living One in a cemetery?  He is not here, but raised up”.  If I had to sum up the story of Jesus it would be with this verse.  He went to the cross to pay for my sins, but He conquered death and set me free.  HE IS ALIVE.  Jesus is alive.  He was raised up and defeated the enemy just like He said He would.  The women “left the tomb and broke the news”.  Can you imagine the excitement they felt?  They have just been told the greatest news in the history of the world.  Now they are the messengers and they run back to tell the 11 and the others.  The response?  “The apostles didn’t believe a word of it”.  Can you imagine the frustration?  The guys who had spent the last three years with Jesus every day, learning at His feet, missed the biggest truth ever to be told to mankind.  Jesus told them He would rise again.  They just missed it, focused on their own agenda and motives.  Peter was the one who first responded.  He “jumped tohis feet and ran to the tomb”.  I love Peter.  He is a reactive guy who just goes for it all out.  He “walked a way puzzled, shaking his head”.  What will you do with Jesus?  He is alive!  He rose in victory over death and has given us the opportunity to spend eternity with the Father.  But it requires a personal relationship – turning over Lordship of your life and accepting Him as Savior.  That is the ONLY way to gain entrance to heaven.  What will you do with Him?

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