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Luke 23

Luke 23 is the story of Jesus before the rulers of the day.  He was brought up on charges and stands before Pilate accused of these things:

1.       Undermining law and order

2.       Forbidding taxes be paid

3.       Setting Himself up as king

Of course all these are lies and Jesus is found not guilty in Pilate’s eyes.  But the religious leaders were not willing to give up so they trumped up some more lies:

1.       Disturbing the peace

2.       Stirring up unrest

3.       Dangerous man – endangering the peace

Of course Pilate could see this stuff was all just a plot to get rid of Jesus.  He found out that Jesus was a Galilean and sends Him over to Herod like a hot potato.  Herod gladly accepted the opportunity to see Jesus.  He had heard much about Him and wanted to see Jesus perform a miracle.  Of course Herod was disappointed when Jesus barely said a word and certainly did not humor him with a miracle.  Herod got upset but could find no reason to condemn Jesus so he sends Him back to Pilate.  It is the crowd that the religious leaders were able to get stirred up that caused Pilate to finally “cave and give them what they wanted” – the crucifixion of Jesus.  Jesus goes to the cross for a bunch of false charges without the conviction of any authority at all, just a screaming crowd that were following the lead of a few religious leaders who wanted to protect their turf and their traditions.  Of course the real reason Jesus had to go to the cross really had nothing to do with this story – it was because of the holiness of God and the sin of my life and yours.  There had to be a sacrifice to make a way for sinful man to be able to spend eternity with a Holy Father.  But oh how unfair it all seems.  Jesus paid with His life based on a bunch of lies.  But in reality, He paid with His life because of my sin and yours.  And I am so grateful He did.  Without that sacrifice my future would be very unsure based on my ability to meet God’s standards.  Actually it would be pretty sure but in a very bad way.  Because Jesus was willing to take my sin and go to an unfair and undeserved death on the Cross, I have a bright eternity.  Thank you Jesus for loving me that much!

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