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Luke 22

Luke 22 begins with the Passover meal just ahead of Jesus’ betrayal.  Jesus sends Peter and John off to prepare a place to share the meal.  He tells them to watch for a “man carrying a water jug” and to follow him home to ask the owner where they might share the meal.  Seems pretty vague in terms of directions doesn’t it?  But it was just as Jesus said and they arrange a place in a “spacious second-story room”.  The 12 come together for the last time and Jesus makes the announcement that one of them would betray Him.  There is some immediate questioning of each other about who would be the one who might betray Jesus, but it quickly turned to “bickering” about who “would end up the greatest”.  What a shift.  Jesus has just shared that one of the 12 would hand him over to the accusers and in a matter of minutes the discussion shifted to self amongst those who were closest to Him.  What a powerful influence the focus on self is.  These guys had just spent three years with the Master learning and ministering with Him.  They had seen miracle after miracle.  They had just shared the bread and the cup and been told that one of them would betray Him.  And the focus almost immediately turns inward on who would be the greatest among them.  Oh how sin can penetrate us so quickly when we focus on self.  Of course this is truth time for Peter as Jesus tells him that he will deny him “three times” before the rooster crows.  Peter denies it but we all know it turns out to be true.  The disciples come back finally to the thought of protecting Jesus from those who would capture and kill Him, but he says “enough of that; no more sword talk”.  Jesus knows it is the Father’s will for Him to die on the cross.  And that night certainly had to verify the need for that sacrifice.  His twelve guys were not focused on what mattered at all.  They were totally focused on themselves.  They were all about “ME” compared to you.  Amazing how their last meal together deteriorated into a big discussion about who would be the greatest.  Why do we default to that kind of thinking?  Why do we allow self to get in the way all the time?  Lord help us to keep the main thing the main thing.

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