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Luke 20

As we finish Luke 20 we see Jesus with the religious scholars.  They are trying to trap him with a series of questions.  Of course, Jesus not only does not fall for their trap, he uses it as a teaching moment along the way.  The first question involved paying taxes.  Do we owe taxes to the government?  Jesus gives His classic response: “Then give Caesar what is his and give God what is his”.  The second question involves the woman who ends up marrying seven brothers because they keep dying and the question was “in the resurrection whose wife will she be”?  Does seem a bit of an issue doesn’t it.  Jesus is pretty clear – they are focused on the wrong things.  “Marriage is a major preoccupation…but not there”.  The third question was posed by Jesus to a set of religious leaders that had tried to trap Him.  He asked a question about how the Messiah could be David’s son.  He uses this to show they could not nor would not answer and then to point out just how pathetic they really are.  They were focused on their position, not the people they should be serving and caring for.  They were all about themselves.   We really need to pay attention to the lesson here.  Success as a Christ follower is not about what we know nearly as much as how we live.  The key is to make sure we are lining up with the commands that we have been given – that we are walking in the light as He is in the light.  We need to quit worrying about our place of prominence and focus on how we live and serve.  Our willingness to lead and serve like Jesus is the key to pleasing God and being a success in the our walk as a Christ follower.  Are you focused on that?

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