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Luke 20

Jesus teaches another parable to the crowd in Luke 20.  This time it is about the vineyard keeper who goes away on a trip.  He comes home and sends one of his servants to the vineyard to collect the profits that were generated while he was away.  They beat up one, two, three of his servants and sent them packing.  The owner then sends his son thinking “I know what I’ll do: I’ll send my beloved son. They’re bound to respect my son”.  Of course these farmhands are not very strategic or wise in their thinking and they kill the son.  What a mistake.  Of course the owner comes and rids the place of all of their sorry lives.  And he brought in new workers who would understand their place and do their job.  But the moral of this story is not about running a farm or business, although it certainly applies there.  This is a picture of Jesus Himself and how the world would soon treat Him.  And a very accurate picture it was.  People did not understand His place as the Son, so they killed the One who had been sent to love and save us and were smug about it.  Unfortunately that day of reckoning has come.  Those who do not readily receive the Son will not be allowed to remain in God’s presence – eternity has a much different end result.  What are you doing with Jesus?  Are you making Him Lord of your life and embracing Him as the Savior and Son of God.  God sent Him to your “vineyard” to collect the debt you owe.  That debt is beyond anything you can afford to pay – the only payment that will suffice is your life.  But Jesus came to stand in for us in that payment for sin – He went to the cross to be the One who could pay the price.  That only happens when we allow Him to do that, by a personal acceptance and relationship with Him.  As the old song goes: “Have you any room for Jesus”?  Don’t make the mistake of the wicked farmhands in the vineyard.  Make sure in the care of your own life that Jesus is smack dab in the middle of it all and you are in right relationship with Him.  He alone can bring payment to God who owns your vineyard (life).  There is none other that will satisfy the debt.  What are you doing about that?

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