Luke 19

The last section of Luke 19 shows us the many facets of Jesus.  He sends two of his disciples ahead to prepare a place.  They go and find a colt tied as they were told and explained the need and were given it.  Jesus comes to town and as he approaches the disciples break into celebration.  The religious leaders tell Jesus to quiet them down.  Listen to what he says: “If they kept quiet, the stones would do it for them, shouting praise”.  Are you shouting praise for Jesus?  Do  you tell anyone what He is doing in your life?  We have to share the truth of His impact.  That is how people come to know Him and understand how critical that relationship is.  Are you one of the disciples celebrating His love, or one of the religious leaders stuffing any outward expression.  We need to leak Jesus on those around us.  I pray every morning to be “sticky” for Jesus.  I want people to want to see why my life is the way it is.  I fail some days in being a very good witness for Him.  But I get up the next day and pray that the Spirit will overflow and make me sticky again.  We need to leak Jesus.  The story continues with Jesus weeping over the city because they don’t get it – they don’t understand the coming pain and suffering because of their refusal to accept God’s Son.  And the very last verses describe Jesus in the temple, overturning tables and chasing away those who are using it for their own gain rather than for its purpose of meeting God and worshipping Him alone.  How are you doing with these checkpoints in your life?  Are you leaking Jesus?  Are you understanding that only through Him do you have a secure eternity?  Do you go to your church to meet and worship God rather than get personal gain?  We need to look in the mirror about these things.  We need to get right…….

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