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Luke 17

Jesus is teaching the disciples some strong lessons today in Luke 17.  He starts by warning them that “hard trials and temptations are bound to come”.  That is a fact of life we need to embrace.  Sometimes we get into the mindset that if we just become a Christian all the trials and tribulations will go away in life.   Not quite how it works.  We will face struggles throughout life.  The good news is we do not have to face them alone.  First we have a faithful Father and Son who will be there to help us.  Secondly we should be in a community of believers in a church that we can rely on as well.  That is God’s design for us – to be part of a church that is there to pick us up when we wrestle with the curveballs in life.  Jesus goes on to answer His disciples when they said “give us more faith”.  Check out what He says: “You don’t need more faith. There is no “more’ or “less’ in faith”.  Faith is one of those things we eigher have or we don’t.  It is believing and taking action.  One of the best illustrations I have seen about faith involves a chair.  When you look across the room at a chair – you believe it can hold you if you go sit on it.  But until you put that belief (faith) in action by actually putting your butt in the seat – you are only expressing a theory.  Faith becomes real when we act upon it.  Faith requires action.  It means we do something and we live life based on it.  That is the message that Jesus wants us to hear.  We don’t need more faith – we need to exercise what we already have.  We need to trust and obey and live life based on what we have been given.  We need to walk across the room and sit on the chair. The first half of the chapter ends with 10 lepers coming to Jesus with leprocy.  Jesus hears them call from a distance and tells them to “go show yourselves to the priests”.  As the went they were cleansed.  Did you get that – AS THEY WENT – it took acting on the instruction of Jesus to be healed.  It happens over and over in scripture.  The Red Sea parts when they stick their toe in the water.  Goliath falls when David casts the stone.  Things happen when people act upon their faith.  But there is another lesson here we need to pay attention to – what happens after they were healed.  Check this out: “One of them, when he realized that he was healed, turned around and came back, shouting his gratitude, glorifying God…. Were not ten healed? Where are the nine”?  Ten lepers are healed by Jesus – only one shows any gratitude.  We need to make sure we have an attitude of gratitude toward our God.  He deserves our honor and praise.  Are you taking time to thank God for all He has done in your life?  Do it today!

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