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Luke 15

Jesus is hanging around with “a lot of men and women of doubtful reputation” in Luke 15.  He didn’t hang out with the religious leaders – He was with those who needed to hear the truth.  Of course “the Pharisees and religion scholars were not …at all pleased”.  How could Jesus spend time with the lowly people who were sinners?  He could be spending His time with those who are religious.  Scripture says Jesus went so far as to “eat meals with them, treating them like old friends”.  What?  Have a relationship with someone who is not religious?  How can that happen?  Too often that becomes the attitude of the church and those of us who go there.  We want to fill the pews with people just like us.  We don’t want folks who are suffering with addictions or sin in our midst. They might rub off on us.  We never stop to think that we SHOULD rub off on them.  That is what we are called to do as Christians – as Christ followers – to share the love of Jesus to a lost world.  Jesus goes on to share a couple stories about things that were lost.  The first involves the shepherd who had lost one of his sheep.  Jesus tells us that we would certainly “leave the ninety-nine…and go after the lost one”.  Or the woman who had lost one of her coins?  Jesus tells us that “she will light a lamp and scour the house” to find it.  When both find what they are seeking – the celebrate.  And Jesus makes it clear that when one lost soul comes into a relationship with Him there is a party – “the kind of party that God’s angels throw”.  Now I am sure that is a real party that I would want to attend.  We are too comfortable sitting in the pews at church.  We need to get out and invite all to come to the source of life.  It won’t happen if we don’t invite people who need Jesus to come hear the truth.  Are you connecting with people who need Jesus?  If not, why not?  If so, are you telling them you know the source of eternal life?  We need to take a page out of the Jesus playbook here – hang with those who need to be found – and lead them to the source of life.  It is time to make it happen.  The harvest is large…we need to be at work!

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