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Luke 14

This morning in Luke 14 Jesus teaches about what matters in life.  He uses the dinner table as the illustration.  How fitting.  The stories revolve around being invited to a Sabbath meal and seeing a man who was in dire need of healing.  Of course the Pharisees were watching to see what Jesus would do.  And just as you would expect, Jesus ignored what they considered to be acceptable and healed this man setting him free from years of pain and suffering.  Jesus confronts the Pharisees with their hard hearts and their willingness to put religious tradition over helping people, but as always, it falls on deaf ears.  Jesus continues by talking about how we should come to a dinner as a guest.  It seems that some of the folks were positioning to sit by the host as the guest of honor focused entirely on themselves and what they wanted.  Jesus says that is a poor choice.  His instruction is to sit at the end of the table and be asked to come sit as the guest of honor.  Same teaching we have heard prior – the last shall be first and the first last.  When we try to elevate ourselves to a place of honor we will be cut down and pushed aside.  When we are brought to that place by the Master, it will be sweet indeed.  Catch what Jesus says here: “If you walk around with your nose in the air, you’re going to end up flat on your face. But if you’re content to be simply yourself, you will become more than yourself”.  Why is it that we want to pretend to be something we are not in order to impress people?  Why are we afraid to let people see who we really are?  Fear of man?  Fear that people will not like what they see and learn?  We need to learn this principle of living – to be “content to be simply yourself”.  God created us as we are for His purposes.  I love that old saying that “God don’t make no junk”.  A little crude in the English word category, but oh so very true.  God has created us in His image for a very specific purpose and life.  Our job is to tune in to what that is and live life to the fullest every hour of every day.  Are you living your 168 hours this week in a way that glorifies God?  Are you content to be simply yourself?  God is content with you!

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