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Luke 13

Jesus gives us some teaching here about the tree that bears no fruit.  Did you know that we are expected to bear fruit?  Read John 15 and understand that as a believer, there is an expectation that we will be plugged into the source of life (the vine) and that we will be the branches and bear fruit.  Jesus says to “chop it down” when the apple tree has failed to bear fruit for three years.  The gardener sounds a lot like me when someone wants to ask me about my personal fruit bearing.  Check out his approach: “Let’s give it another year…..maybe it will produce next year”.  Are you a “maybe” fruit producer for the kingdom?  I know some days I sure am.  I lose sight of my mission in life to stay connected and be a fruit bearer for the Lord.  But Jesus is clear on expectations and the opportunity.  To recall what it teaches from John 15 again: “if you abide in me, and I abide in you….you will bear fruit”.  Bearing fruit is not an optional outcome of living the Christian life.  It should be the norm.  It should happen because we are a growing Christian.  Fruit trees don’t make a decision every morning about whether today they want to bear fruit or not.  That is what they do.  Yet we seem to think we can just go on through life without really producing any fruit at all some days, maybe most.  I asked our small group the other night now many people they had witnessed to and led to Jesus in 2007.  I know my production was pretty low, ok – non existent is the actual term here.  How about you?  How many people did you share your faith with and lead to a personal relationship with Jesus?  What about discipleship?  It isn’t optional for us you know.  Jesus said in Matthew 28 to “go and make disciples”.  Does that sound like we get to decide on our activity based on how we feel?  I don’t think so.  So the next question is – how many people did you disciple in 2007?  Invest your life into and have them follow you to the Master?  My answer was slightly better here as I have made a few investments like this.  But you get the drift.  We need to be evaluating life in light of scripture.  I don’t want to be a barren tree that is chopped down as worthless because I failed to bear fruit.  I want to be focused on living a life that produces.  Are you living like that?

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