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Luke 5

Luke 5 begins with Jesus teaching the crowd and being pushed basically into a boat so he had room to maneuver.  Peter and the fishing crew had worked all night and hadn’t “caught even a minnow”.  Sort of a bad night’s work to say the least.  They were cleaning their nets when Jesus told them to “push out into deep water and let your nets out for a catch”.  What would your response have been?  They had worked all night and not gotten anything and just finished getting their nets cleaned and ready to put away for the day and now some teacher tells them to go give it another try.  Tired and hungry, frustrated and unsure, Peter says this: “But if you say so, I’ll let out the nets”.  How do you respond to what God tells you to do?  Do you argue and give Him all the reasons why it is a bad idea, or just do it?  I love this kind of obedience – no questioning, no arguing, no real excitement either, but just plain old fashioned obedience.  It reminds me of the saying I learned when a kid in Sunday school.  God said it. I believe it.  That settles it.  Peter just did what he was told and they caught more fish than they could get into their boat so had to call for James and John to come help and still had too many.  Check what happens: “awe overwhelmed Simon and everyone with him”.  When is the last time Jesus overwhelmed you?  When is the last time you shared that overwhelming power with those around you.  We experienced some of that this week with Zach and his daughter.  Jesus overwhelmed Zach with love and kindness through many of you.  It happens all the time guys.  We need to see it and then share it.  The other thing that happens in the front half of this chapter is the healing of a leper.  Jesus touched him and cleansed him from the disease.  Catch what He tells this young man to do: “Your cleansed and obedient life, not your words, will bear witness to what I have done”.  Do you see it?  Our life is what needs to bear witness – not just words.  Obedience is how the non believers will come to see the power of Jesus at work.  It is what we allow Him to do in us and through us that is so critical.  But we have to do that in public.  We have to let people see the way He has repaired the brokenness and fixed the issues of our lives.  We have to be willing to live life in the open.  The section closes with a key lesson – “Jesus withdrew to out-of-the-way places for prayer”.  This is the Son of God we are talking about guys.  He needed prayer.  Guess what – so do we!

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