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Luke 2

The second half of Luke 2 is around a couple stories of Jesus growing up.  The first occurs just 8 days after his birth as He is taken to the temple.  Simeon was an old man who was a prophet and had been told he would see the Messiah.  Scripture describes him in a couple ways: “lived in the prayerful expectancy…And the Holy Spirit was on him”.  Is your life full of prayer and the Holy Spirit?  Anna the prophetess was also there. “She never left the Temple area, worshiping night and day with her fastings and prayers”.  Here is a pair of people who not only knew their calling but lived it every day all day.  They were focused and on target.  Clarity in purpose and resolve to fulfill it – that describes Simeon and Anna.  Soon after seeing Jesus, Simeon is ready to pass on.  The chapter concludes with the journey to Jerusalem for Passover when Jesus was 12.  You remember He stayed behind and worried His parents sick.  He really does sound like a normal teenager.  Upset parents that are described like this: “they had no idea what he was talking about”.  That certainly described me when our kids were teens.  Thank goodness they got older so I could begin to have a clue again. 

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