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2 Chronicles 34

Josiah takes over at age 8 and immediately goes on a mission to clean up the kingdom once again and restore things to God.   Scripture describes him like this: “behaved wellkept straight on the path blazed by his ancestor Davidnot one step to the left or rightbegan to seek”.  This is a young boy who is following two disasters for kings.  Somehow the legacy of David grabs hold of him.  Somehow the pendulum is swinging back the other way.  Josiah determines to rebuild and restore the Temple as well.  During that project they come across the covenant given to Moses and it points out clearly just how far off the mark the people had been.  Josiah tears his robe and asks for guidance and prayer.  He is told that God was angry and the kingdom would face doom but he would go quietly before that happened “because you responded in humble repentance”.  Not terribly consoling this time – God heard but Josiah himself did not pray but asked his priest to pray for him.  Not sure of the impact or difference because he himself did not get on his knees like Hezekiah had to gain God’s forgiveness, but it does seem a little strange that Josiah himself is not mentioned here as praying.  Scripture records that Josiah “tore his robe and wept” but not really anything direct between him and God.  Could be a lesson here on the power of repentance??  But Josiah does understand clearly the obedience to God’s direction. He does these things in response to the message from the priests: He “solemnly committed himself to the covenant” which meant they were to:

1.      follow GOD believingly and obediently

2.      follow his instructions, heart and soul, on what to believe and do

3.      confirm with his life the entire covenant

4.      committed themselves to the covenant of God

Once Josiah learned God’s expectations – he acted and led his people to act in obedience.  Check out the heritage he left: “All through Josiah’s life the people kept to the straight and narrow, obediently following GOD”.  There was a massive change of heart and direction because an 8 year old boy decides to return to the God of his ancestor David.  The power of legacy guys….are you creating yours.  It may not show itself for generations but scripture is clear that the power of a father spans three or four generations.  Scary thought, but unbelievable opportunity to set the course of the future directly on God.  Are you focused on that?  Are you intentional in your efforts to “train up your child well” and live life in a way that God is front and center.  Life matters – let’s get after it!

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