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2 Chronicles 30

Hezekiah had brought back the Passover and the people were not ready.  Scripture tells us that the “priest and Levites were not ready….the congregation had not properly prepared”.  Scripture also calls out why they weren’t ready – and narrows it down to a word – they were “embarrassed in their laziness”.  Did you catch that?  The priests and Levites were unprepared to celebrate and worship God because they were LAZY.  Oh boy – don’t want to look in the mirror on that one.  What does lazy mean to you?  When I reflect it really means that I don’t value doing something enough to give up my selfish ways to make it a priority to work on it.  I don’t consider something worth being intentional about.  That is a bad way to treat my relationship with God.  Are you lazy in how you prepare to meet God?  I am some days.  OK – maybe I am most days.  Hezekiah has a bunch of unprepared people.  Remember he has been focused on returning the kingdom to God after Ahaz has totally led them away.  The people are certainly out of the habit of celebrating God.  So how does Hezekiah respond to a bunch of lazy priests and unprepared people?  “Hezekiah prayed…. “May GOD who is all good, pardon and forgive…. GOD responded to Hezekiah’s prayer and healed the people”.  How is that for servant leadership.  He didn’t scold the people – he interceded to the Father and stood in the gap.  Guys – we can learn much here.  God showed up when Hezekiah stood up, or maybe knelt down as may be the real case.  Pay close attention to the results of that prayer: “nothing like this had taken place in Jerusalem since Solomon…priests and Levites…stood and blessed the people. And God listened”.  Disaster turned to huge celebration.  Not just for the seven days of Passover – everyone wanted to celebrate an additional seven days as well.  Hezekiah leads the people back to God, through prayer and intercession, through example and discipline.  He brings them back.  Never doubt the power of a leader that is connected to the Father.

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