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2 Chronicles 28

Ahaz takes over the kingdom on 2 Chronicles 28 and takes a huge departure from his father and grandfather.  Scripture tells us he “didn’t live right” in the sight of God and “wasn’t at all like his ancestor David”.  That is really an understatement of just how far Ahaz goes in destroying his kingdom because he walked away from God.  It starts with idol worship and restoring all the bad stuff that had been removed from the kingdom during previous rulers.  He just pretends God isn’t paying attention and won’t care.  He learns a tough lesson – well he doesn’t really learn anything – but he experiences this: “GOD, fed up, handed him over…all because they had deserted GOD”.  One would think that Ahaz would start to see the error of his ways but that was not the case.  He continues to run against God and a key word comes up in verse 19 as his army has been routed numerous times, hundreds of thousands of his soldiers killed and others captured.  Scripture tells us Ahaz was “arrogant”.  He just blew God off.  He didn’t care what the reason was for all the bad things that happened.  He was in charge and it was his kingdom.  “Ahaz didn’t learn his lesson” and continued to run against God.  And God continued to pour out his wrath with the kingdom being plundered and destroyed more and more.  So Ahaz in his brilliance decided to plunder the temple himself and then boards it up and shuts it down.  Brilliance in action here.  He never gets it although there were certainly plenty of opportunities for that to have happened.  “God was angry” and Ahaz dies disgraced and a complete failure.  How can this happen?  He came from a lineage where there was effort to walk right with God.  His grandfather Uzziah and father Jotham both were kings who were trying to live in relationship with God.  And then this knucklehead takes the throne.  I can’t explain it other than stating the obvious that every person is judged on how they live.  Having good parents doesn’t excuse your actions, nor does being a good parent excuse your kids.  God holds each of us responsible.  The best we can do with our kids is give them the foundation of a relationship with the Father and teach them that sin will have consequences.  There are no free passes for sin.  We can receive forgiveness through the cross, but consequences happen.  We need to walk with the Father in the power of the Holy Spirit to avoid sin.  That is the goal and the way God intends for us to live.  Teach your children well.  In the end, they have to make the choice of how they respond to the temptation of the enemy and will ultimately deal with any consequences related to poor choices.  But we can teach them how God deals with sin and scripture is full of examples like Ahaz who just never figures things out.

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