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2 Chronicles 22

Ahaziah takes over as the next king.  He only lasted a year.  Two big issues: “his mother training him in evil ways…. he attended the sin school of Ahab, and graduated with a degree in doom”.  Interesting way to describe the very ungodly upbringing of this young man.  He was the only son that wasn’t killed from Jehoram’s lineage so he got the kingdom.  Poor parenting again rears its ugly head.  And to top it off his mother doomed him by sending him to learn even more ungodliness in school.  Ahaziah also made bad decisions and went to war with another salty character Joram.  He fled and hid after the battle but Jehu, “whom GOD had already authorized to destroy the dynasty of Ahab” was after him and found him.  His men dragged Ahaziah back and he was killed.  That left no one from the royal family left to rule, so the wicked mother Athaliah grabs the throne.  She begins by “massacring the entire royal family”.  This is when another miracle story kicks in.  Jehosheba, daughter of King Jehoram and Ahaziah’s sister and was also married to Jehoida the priest, “saved Joash from the murderous queen”.  Jehosheba hid the young boy away for six years with her in the Temple of God.  The queen had no idea he had been spared.  This resembles other stories like Moses where God uses someone to save a person who will be used by Him to make a difference in the future.  Joash is one of those who we will learn more about in coming chapters.  The queen was “oblivious to his existence” and continued to lead the country in a godless way.  We are now two generations post Jehoshephat.  What a disaster in so short a time.  Never believe that what you teach and model to your kids and grandkids does not matter.  It makes a huge difference and is a very big deal guys.  We have much responsibility in leading our family toward God.  Failing in that means doom!

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