Joel 2

Joel finishes chapter 2 with some great news.  The devastation is over.  Look at how it ends: “At that, God went into action…” .  At what you may be wondering.  The first half of the book tells us what the people did to get right with God.  There was a long list of things – all focused on renewing the relationship with God the Father.  When did God  move?  “At that” – when the people took action.  Over and over the scriptures repeat the need for us to move first and then God is free to get after it.  We hold the release of God’s power in our freedom of choice.  That is what free will is all about.  God waits for us to begin, even with just a step, to start doing the right thing and then He immediately takes action.  Guys – it doesn’t happen when we are sitting back waiting for God to move. It happens when we are actively pursuing God’s will and moving toward Him.  Here it is again.  “At that” simple set of actions taken by the people to get right with God – He opened the blessings from heaven and everything got good again – “bumper crop…plenty of food….plenty”.  Joel also says “that’s just the beginning….your old men will dream, your young men will see visions”.  God wants to give us access to His will for our lives.  He wants us to see from His perspective.When does that happen?  When we are in right relationship – when we are seeking Him – when we are moving toward Him.  He wants us to know His mind and our future.  Joel goes on to say “I’ll even pour out my Spirit on the servants”.  How much more on His children then guys.  God wants us to be full of His love and is waiting for us to move first.  Are  you moving toward Him?  Are you focused on being a man of God that is plugged in to His power?  Are you committed to living life for Him?  If we do – He is ready to take action – not just a little – but an overwhelming response of His love and impact in our lives.  Joel ends with this promise: “Whoever calls, “Help, GOD!’ gets help”.  God is there and waiting for us to call.  He wants to be intimately involved in our lives.  He will move, but we have to free Him to do that.  He doesn’t just do it without us opening that door.  Guys – take action and let God loose in your life.  Watch what He does.  Share that with your children and this group.  He is a God who can’t wait to make a difference through you!

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