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2 Chronicles 19

 Jehoshaphat is confronted by Jehu about his actions.  You have no business helping evil, cozying up to GOD-haters. Because you did this, GOD is good and angry with you. 3 But you’re not all bad–you made a clean sweep of the polluting sex-and-religion shrines; and you were single-minded in seeking God.”  At first read this seems a little contradictory, but when you think about it, there is a difference between how Jehoshaphat lived (single minded) and who he associated with (cozying up to).  J (going to short cut his name now as it is too long) lived his personal life walking with God but his public live associating with the wrong crowd.  I see this pattern often in the lives of Christians, myself included.  Call it closet Christianity or whatever you want, but too often we are fine with God when we are alone and don’t live it on our shirtsleeve in public.  I was that way for far too many years.  I thought there had to be a separation between faith and work – that I couldn’t boldly live for Jesus in the marketplace.  I have come to understand that is exactly where God wants me to live for Him – in the everyday part of life.  I need to be very careful in how I live and who I associate with in the marketplace.  Having a great relationship with God personally is very important – don’t get me wrong – but living that relationship in the day to day is equally as important and cannot be separated.  I don’t want to be half right with God.  I want to hear the “well done good and faithful servant” greeting, not the “but you’re not all bad” when I get to heaven.  J does give it straight to those who he charged to be judges: “Live in fear of God – be most careful, for God hates dishonesty, partiality, and bribery….do you work in the fear of God; be dependable and honest in your duties”.  He has great counsel for how we should live as we do our jobs.  His mistake was being unwilling to stay away from people who were “God haters” – folks who refused to live life the way God desired and commanded.  I know from experience that who we associate with will impact how we act and live over time.  We need to surround ourselves with godly men and also make sure we remain godly ourselves in how we relate to those around us.  Be bold and diligent” is how J ends the chapter.  What great counsel for how then we should live!

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