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2 Chronicles 11

 Reheboam decides it is time to make war and take back the parts of the kingdom which had been lost.  He pulls together 180,000 soldiers and is ready to go to war but God sends His word to Shemaiah who tells Reheboam not to do it but rather send the men back home.  And he does – he listens and “they did what God said and went home”.  Can you imagine the scene?  All these guys ready to do battle and then told to just turn around and go home.  Reheboam takes a different tact now and fortifies his cities.  He builds them up and puts arms in each and places his sons “in all the fortress cities” to keep his defense system ready and up to speed.  Reheboam has 18 wives and 60 concubines so he was a busy boy.  How about that for a challenge – keeping 78 women happy along with his 88 kids.  Whoa – what a job to wake up to every morning.  He does screw up by dismissing all the priests and building his own “worship centers with goat and calf demon-idols”.  Poor decision there but many of the people remained “loyal to the ways of David and Solomon” for a while anyway.  The legacy of David and Solomon lasted for a few years but without being reinforced and taught, it eventually goes away.  That is the problem with legacy.  Unless people persist to carry it forward, the long term impact can end pretty quickly.  Part of creating that legacy for the future is to make sure the message is passed down.  Scripture tells us to teach our children well.  We need to not only train them in the truth, but make sure they understand the responsibility to train their own children the same way.  It doesn’t happen by osmosic like most of us would like.  It is hard work to leave a legacy.  It requires significant investment into others.  But oh how great it is to see great legacies in action.  What will your legacy look like?  What are you doing to make sure it reflects the God you serve?  Are you making the right investments in others so it continues?  I’m not suggesting you have 88 kids to carry it forward.  I am saying it will not be an accident and required an intentional and strategic investment into those who will be the next generation.  Don’t miss the chance – teach them now and teach them well.

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