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2 Chronicles 8

Solomon has been a busy guy.  In 2 Chronicles 8 the scripture lists his accomplishments.  Check this list out:

1.      Built the temple

2.      Rebuilt cities

3.      Marched and conquered

4.      Fortified cities

5.      Built new fortress cities

6.      Built store cities

7.      Built chariot cities for his horses

He was one busy builder.  He used the people from all over his kingdom as slaves to accomplish these great tasks and they were managed by Israelites that served as his project managers.  Quite a list of building projects, and he finished them all.  That is impressive, but this chapter also points out that Solomon did not lose focus on God and who was the power behind his kingdom.  Scripture also tells us that he:

1.      Offered burn offerings

2.      Kept the regular schedule of worship

3.      Followed the practice of his father to have groups of priest leading worship

4.      Assigned security guards to protect each gate

In fact it says Solomon directed his people to make sure things were “kept right down to the fine print–no innovations”.  He wasn’t going to be creative and miss what God wanted him to be doing.  He was walking in complete obedience and paying close attention to what God instructed.  Nothing outside the lines here – just do what God had instructed him through his father David.  Good he paid attention!

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