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2 Chronicles 4

The temple project is really coming along.  Solomon is building the altar which is huge – 30X30X10 feet.  Can you visualize this altar?  Bronze to boot.  This project is really much about focus and attention to detail.  Solomon doesn’t just throw up a building and call it good.  He is tactical and very detailed in how it is designed and built.  He is not going to give God a second class effort there.  Scripture does point out that Solomon also outsourced part of his work to “Huram completed the work he had contracted to do”.  An early example of outsourcing and partnering from scripture.  Solomon had a lot of bodies to put on this project – we learned that a couple chapters ago.  But he needed Huram’s help in getting the timbers cut and some of the finish work in place.  Whether it was the skill set or just more manpower – I am not sure what the drivers were – but Solomon did not hesitate to go get the resources he needed to succeed.  He was king guys.  He had access to all the resources of the kingdom.  But in his wisdom – he identified what he needed to get the job done most efficiently and went out and got that relationship in place to make it happen.  I don’t know if it was to be done quicker, better, or just to be able to get it done – but Solomon hires what he needs to achieve the goal.  Wisdom here for all of us.  We cannot do all things alone.  We may be good, but we will need to rely on others to help us reach our goals.  Solomon has a contract with Huram to do just that.  More wisdom from the wisest man to ever live.  Contracts require communication and agreement – they define the responsibilities of all involved.  It may have been verbal – but there was understanding of the goals and who was to do what – and they both did their part.  This temple project is moving quickly and on plan.  Leadership is recognizing where there is need for assistance and going out and finding that.  Hard to admit we can’t do it all ourselves isn’t it?  But if we want to lead we need to be honest about ability and find someone we can depend on to fill in the gaps.

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