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2 Chronicles 2

Solomon goes to work on the temple.  He assigns over 150K people to the task.  This is one big project.  Can you imagine the enormity of it?  I struggle to get my arms around just what it is he is trying to do here.  The numbers are huge.  Chapter 2 lists the food just for the lumberjacks “130,000 bushels of wheat, 120,000 gallons of wine, 120,000 gallons of olive oil”.  Guys that is a lot of pancakes and wine.  And these are workers he is feeding, not party animals.  It really puts into perspective the leadership that was required of David and now Solomon in leading their kingdom.  A whole lot of people with no real tools to use to lead except communication and delegation.  We could learn much.  I am impressed with how Solomon approaches the task at hand: “who am I to think I can build a house adequate for God…. I need your help”.  Solomon knows he is up against a big chore.  And he expresses humility here – he doesn’t come off as being able to just handle it all himself.  He knows he needs help and humbly asks for it.  Wise man.  Leadership that is effective requires humility guys.  When we get to thinking we can do it alone – that is when we fall flat on our faces.  We have to recognize that God alone is our enabler and in order to be a leader we need followers.  People follow humble servant leaders – not dictators who don’t care about them.  Solomon was the wisest and most powerful man in the world.  Yet he approached people with a simple message – I can’t do this alone and I need your help.  Seem like a man of weakness?  Think again – this is a man of wisdom who knows how to keep God in His throne and exercise his role as one who leads by example.  May we all do that as we lead at home or wherever….

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