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2 Chronicles 1

Today I read from 2 Chronicles 1.  Solomon “took a firm grip on the reins of his Kingdom”.  Sounds like a control issue??  Not necessarily but what scripture says next caught my eye: “God was with him and gave him much help”.  Is that how people describe your leadership?  Do they see that God is with you and gives you help?  Or do they think it is just Jeff or Phil or Mitch or Steve doing this on your own?  Where does God fit on your leadership team?  Is He the center and the One from whom all direction comes?  Or is He just the safety valve for when things go south?  God desires to be the center of the team – the leader of the pack – the guiding light for all we do.  Solomon follows in his father’s footsteps as he does some vision casting: “Solomon addressed all Israel”.  We just saw David do this a few chapters back.  Communication and vision casting is so important for us to be effective as leaders.  We have to let people know.  It was no simple task in those days – no technology to make it simple and effective.  But both father and son see it important here so they both addressed all the people.  God comes to Solomon and offers to give him something he asks for.  You know the story – Solomon asks for “wisdom and knowledge as I come and go among this people”.   He didn’t “grasp for money, wealth, fame and the doom of your enemies, or even a long life”.  God was impressed with the ask.  “Because of this, you get what you asked for”.  God gives it to him.  Seems related to the motives here doesn’t it.  Solomon didn’t ask for his own good, but for the good of leading his people.  God was pleased and gave all he asked for.  Following the vision casting, worship and interaction with God – scripture then tells us “Solomon left the worship center….and set to work as king of Israel”.  He had the priorities in order.  Get the communication in place – with the people and more importantly with God – then start leading.  Solomon was the wisest man to ever live.  We can learn much from him here….

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