1 Chronicles 29

David continues in 1 Chronicles 29 with some additional thoughts on giving.  I love what he says in verse 14: “But me – who am I, and who are these my people, that we should presume to be giving something to you?  Everything comes from you; all we’re doing is giving back what we’ve been given from your generous hand”.  Guys – here is a truth that we need to come to grips with.  It is all God’s.  ALL of it.  Sometimes I tend to start thinking that some of what has happened in my life is because of me and the results are mine.  WRONG.  It is all because of God’s blessing and the results never were mine.  “It all came from You” is how David says it.  One of the challenging things that I have wrestled with the last week has been some thinking along these lines.  I was reading some online info on a Christian businessman’s website about this very topic – our business as a believer is not ours – it is God’s.  And we have a responsibility to use it for ministry, not just to provide for our family.  When God puts us in a place of ownership or leadership, it is not for our benefit but for His kingdom.  I need to use that which He has entrusted to make a difference for the Kingdom.  Sometimes I lose sight of that.  I even get close to thinking that some of the success is about something I did.  That just is not the case.  Any success, any impact, any results are all a gift from God.  My role is as steward of what He has entrusted to me.  I can’t lose sight of that.  David had it clearly in the crosshairs here.  The chapter ends with something very cool.  David and the people had just given sacrificially to the building of the temple.  They had worshipped and blessed God.  Check this out: “The very next day….they sacrificed animals…offered worship…feasted all day…exuberant with joy”.  These people gave til it hurt and then partied about it together.  They recognized one of the most important principles of scripture – the principle of giving.  We cannot out give God.  Our cup will run over when we learn to give it ALL to Him because it is in fact His already.  When we open our hands and let God have control of the things He has entrusted, we will be amazed at what He will do.  This is a hard principle to learn and live by, but oh so important to experience God’s fullness in our lives.  Give…and celebrate – that is God’s plan!

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