1 Chronicles 28

David passes the torch to Solomon.  But he does it with class.  This chapter 27 of 1 Chronicles is a great example of vision casting.  David “called together…everyone who held responsible positions”.  Did you get that – EVERYONE.  He is making sure all people know what the scoop is going to be.  He assembles them to tell them about the passing of leadership and the project that is first and foremost on his mind – building the temple which has been assigned to his son Solomon.  Listen to what he tells the people here: “And now, in this public place, all Israel looking on and God listening in, as GOD’s people, obey and study every last one of the commandments of your GOD so that you can make the most of living in this good land and pass it on intact to your children, insuring a good future”.  This is some pretty sage advice for us too.  We need to assemble those we lead and cast vision – give direction on what we expect and how we are going to lead them.  It is one of our greatest responsibilities but we do it so little.  So many excuses – too busy, people aren’t available, yada yada yada.  David shows us how – get the people together and give them direction.  Cast vision clearly and concisely.  He also lays it out for Solomon too. “get to know well your father’s God; serve him with a whole heart and eager mind, for GOD examines every heart and sees through every motive. If you seek him, he’ll make sure you find him, but if you abandon him, he’ll leave you for good”.  This is no cake walk for the kid.  He has a big task to get done plus some pretty heavy expectations from dad.  But the key is David shares it openly and completely.  No unspoken expectations.  It is all on the table.  Both directives really are about relationship with the Father.  That is the vision here.  Build a relationship, stay close and serve Him.  God will not leave you if you do and the future will  be  bright.  That is pretty much our promise as well.  We serve the same God.  He loves us equally as much.  We need to cast that vision to those we lead.

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