1 Chronicles 27

David is putting more structure into his Kingdom in 1 Chronicles 27.  He has created a security force of 24,000 men who each serve for 1 month of the year.  1 month on, 11 months off.  288,000 men in his military each serving for 1 month at a time.  Sort of reminds me of the change coming in our new generation.  There was also a different commander each month with their group.  Pretty darn good planning.  No one was overburdened by serving, and each knew exactly what they were expected to do.  David also sets up administrators to watch over the affairs of the tribes, people to manage the storage and warehouses where his stuff was kept, and also surrounded himself with wise counsellors who were tasked with helping raise his sons.  David understood that to be successful as a leader he had to delegate.  His kingdom was large, his responsibilities many, but he managed things by delegation.  He was after all, a warrior, not really a sit in the throne and rule kind of leader.  So he does the right thing and hands off the day to day stuff to others.  Good wisdom here.  Too often we want to do it all ourselves.  That limits what God can do with our lives.  We are so busy doing that we are not available to serve.  What does God want you to delegate so you can free up some time to serve?  It really is worth considering. 


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