1 Chronicles 26

This morning I read 1 Chronicles 26.  This chapter deals with a couple of groups of folks who were serving in the temple.  The first group was assigned to security – temple bouncers if you will.  They were charged to “keep order in the Temple”.  Is your church rowdy?  Do you need a group of folks to keep order?  Ours doesn’t usually get that way.  But when I worship in some of the churches here, there are security folks assigned to provide safety to the pastors.  Our visit to a couple of metro churches here have had men stationed at the foot of the platform for security, with other wired like FBI people positioned strategically around the worship area.  In David’s time – the people selected were described like this: “all of them outstanding and strong”.  Would you qualify to be a part of the security team? I had to ask myself if I am “outstanding and strong” when it comes to serving God in our church.  Once again the way they were assigned is so God: they were “assigned to their posts by the same method regardless of the prominence of their familes – each picked his gate assignment from a hat”.  Don’t you love that – no favorites, no requests.  If you serve, then you serve wherever you get assigned.  I see a whole new bar set for service here in this book.  No strings – no control – just serve as called.  There were some who were assigned with guarding entrances.  Scripture tells us “the guards stood shoulder to shoulder”.  Guys – this is how we need to deal with the enemy and why small groups and groups of men like on this thread are so important.  We need to stand together – shoulder to shoulder – to deal with our enemy.  He is coming against us.  We are much stronger when we go it together.  It starts with prayer, but it means we need to spend time with other brothers preparing for and doing spiritual battle.  A second group is described in this chapter as well – those who “supervised the finances of the sanctuary of God”.  Scripture tells us they were responsible for “anything that had been dedicated ever”.  How about that job description.  If anyone ever gave anything to this temple – it is your responsibility.  Another level of serving that seems pretty high to me.  The dedication of those who served – be it musicians, security or finances – it was pretty high and done with no strings attached.  People stepped up and did the job assigned.  A great example of how we need to serve today as well.

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