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1 Chronicles 23

 1 Chronicles 23 is all about getting things in order to pass to Solomon.  I relate to how the chapter begins: “When David got to be an old man”….sounds familiar to me – how about you?  David is running out of steam here but as part of preparing things to pass on to Solomon, he is continuing to put things in order.  Now he is getting the leadership aligned and efficient.  He brings them all together and there are 38,000 of them.  So often when I read scripture I think that the world we live in is just so different than it was then.  But think about it – David is leading all of Israel and the leadership of that is 38,000.  He is leading a whole bunch of people here – this is no small task.  And he does not have email, phones, internet, TV, radio….really an amazing task.  David “sorted them into workgroups….divided them into groupings”.  He took his leaders and put them together in smaller groups that could get things done.  He had to identify and delegate.  Hard lesson to learn, harder to actually do.  But it was the only hope of setting Solomon up for success.  We have to invest in building leaders guys.  We only do that as we let go of some tasks and pass them to others.  It is scary at times, downright petrifying to me at others, but leadership is about building others to help carry the load.  David is doing that here as part of the transition plan.  He is putting the foundation in place to drive success.  It is a great lesson for us.  Are you preparing people to do the work, not only at work, but the work of the ministry as well?

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