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1 Chronicles 22

David has prepared the way for Solomon to build the temple.  But before he turns him loose on that task, he has some direction for his leadership.  He tells asks that God will give him “discernment and understanding….so that you will rule in reverent obedience”.  What a great prayer and a clear direction.  Seek God for discernment and understanding and then use that to lead with reverent obedience.  David goes on to say: “that’s what will make you successful, following the directions and doing the things that God commanded”.  Guys – here is the formula for success as a leader.  Follow what God says – be obedient.  It is not magic, it is pretty darn straightforward.  David tells Solomon four specific things that make up obedience:

1. Courage

2. Take charge

3. Don’t be timid

4. Don’t hold back

What a great set of guidelines to follow.  If we just lead this way, if we learn to lead like Jesus did, we can be fantastic leaders that will make a mark on history.  But the great ones did it God’s way.  It wasn’t about Jeff, or Phil, or Zach, or Dave, or even Arlin.  It is about God and his way.  It is how David ends this chapter – telling Solomon the key is to do it “in honor of God”.  It is all about Him and serving Him guys.  We can’t lose sight of our task.  Along the way we have to make sure our heart lines up with that.  Now go do the right thing!

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