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1 Chronicles 20

 1 Chronicles 20 is a very short book.  Only 8 verses and all of it about war.  David’s men went after the Ammonites and the Philistines multiple times in those short verses, and each time they annilated the enemy.  It wasn’t just a little victory – scripture tells us they “ravaged” the Ammonites.  These are the folks who ticked David off previously when they humiliated his attempt to be nice to them.  Three examples are shown in the last four verses of their conquest with the Philistines.  Three more giants were slain.  Listen to what scripture says about this one: “a hulking giant who had twenty-four fingers and toes, six on each hand and foot”.  Now that is a really big giant.  I also had not know that this one was killed by Jonathan – David’s brother.  Scripture tells us that one of the giants killed was “Goliath’s brother” who carried a “spear like a ship’s boom”.  Another big dude to bring down.  Where are the “giants” in your life?  What needs to be defeated?  God is in the business of bringing down giants.  He is all about removing things that keep us from living victoriously.  We don’t have to do it alone.  But we do need to be willing to face them.  We do need to be willing to get out of the easy chair and stand up to them – to be God’s instrument  to victory.  Are you doing that?  Are you willing to go to battle with the giants in your life.  Not alone, but with God.  That is how victory occurs guys.  When we step out of our comfort zone with God’s power and win!

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