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1 Chronicles 18

 1 Chronicles 18 reveals God’s faithfulness to the promise He made to David of overcoming his enemies.  Scripture tells us he “plundered from other nations: Edom, Moab, the Ammonites, the Philistines, and Amalek”.  He was on a roll.  He did not lose a battle, because scripture tells us “GOD gave victory to David wherever he marched”.  What was the key to this?  David walked with God.  He was tuned in to what God was up to.  He was blessed because of his relationship with the Father.  God wants us to experience the same guys.  He wants us to live victoriously.  Jesus went to the cross for that very reason – that we might “have life in abundance” as scripture tells us.  David is a stellar example of that kind of living.  He brought back all kinds of plunder from the nations he conquered, and it was later used by Solomon to rebuild the temple.  Tens of thousands fell at God’s hand through David’s march. 

But it didn’t go to David’s head – check out what scripture tells us about his rule: “He ruled well, fair and evenhanded in all his duties and relationships”.  Three descriptive words that tell us an awful lot about David.  He ruled:

1.      Well

2.      Fair

3.      Evenhanded

David did not allow the thrill of victory to cloud his leadership.  He was consistent in all his duties and relationships.  He led all the people of Israel as well as all those whom were conquered.  Victory comes with responsibility.  It is one thing, perhaps the easy thing, to win.  The hard part is the ongoing leadership and responsibility that follows.  We need to learn much from David’s life.  We need to lead through victory to responsibility.  I long to hear the same about my life someday – “well done, good and faithful servant”.  How about you?  

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