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1 Chronicles 17

David talks with Nathan in 1 Chronicles 17 about building a house for the Chest of the Convenant to reside in.  But Nathan gets a vision from God and comes to David with some truth from God Himself.  God does not want David to build a house of cedar for the Chest.  Listen carefully to what God says to David through Nathan:


1.      I took you from the pasture….and made you prince

2.      I was with you everywhere….and mowed your enemies down before you

3.      I’m about to make you famous

4.      I’m going to set aside a place for my people

5.      I’m going to conquer all your enemies

6.      I’ll raise up your child to succeed you

7.      I will guarantee his kingdom’s rule forever

8.      I’ll be a father to him

9.      I will never remove my gracious love from him

10.  I will set him over my house and kingdom forever

 What a list of promises that Nathan delivers to David.  Talk about a great top 10 list to have.  God reviews the past, the present and the future.  He has a plan like this for you and me too.  Scripture is clear that God has thought of it all before we were even born.  David could have missed all this had he not been willing to listen.  Will we have a “Nathan” to come spell it out this clearly?  Maybe not, but that doesn’t change the reality that God’s plan is equally detailed for our life.  We need to be seeking Him to get a handle on just what that plan is.  We need to be listening to all the people God uses to speak truth into our life.  We mostly need to expect that God wants us to know and is making it plain for us.  He isn’t in the business of keeping us in the dark and unaware.  We do that ourselves when we don’t take the time and energy to seek Him.  We need to approach the throne seeking.  “If you seek, you will find, when you seek with all your heart”.  Are you seeking?

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