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1 Chronicles 16

David brought the Chest of God to the tent he had prepared and placed it “right in the center” and then they worshipped.  This morning as I read 1 Chronicles 16 in the Message version, I see why this is so important.  Scripture says “When David had completed the offerings…..he passed around to every one there….a slice of barbecue….” I am not making this up guys.  David loved barbecue so it must be a godly thing to eat.  I knew it had to be, but this just confirms it for me.  J  But on a serious note, David gives direction to what our worship of God should include.  Check out the list he gives:

1.      Intercede

2.      Give thanks

3.      Praise

4.      Play musical instruments

5.      Regular worship

6.      Tell the whole world

7.      Sing

8.      Play songs

9.      Broadcast His wonders

10.  Revel in His holy name

11.  Be jubilant

12.  Study God

13.  Seek His presence

14.  Remember all the wonders He performed

This was to be a daily thing – David tells them to “get out His salvation news every day”.  We need to be tuned in to what God is up to and part of that is done as we worship Him.  He deserves our worship.  We just need to make time to do it daily.  I can hear some of you singing now……………..

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