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1 Chronicles 15

 In 1 Chronicles 15 we read of David’s movement of the Chest of God into the city.  You may recall that earlier they had been moving it and it was about to fall off the cart when one of the men grabbed it and died instantly for touching it.  David halts the procession there and leaves it.  It is time to try again.  David does a little better prep this time.  He tells the people that: they “did not carry it properly, and GOD exploded in anger” last time, so it has to be done God’s way this time.  One of the noted things that jumped out at me was that people were assigned to “sing in the choir, accompanied by a well-equipped marching band, and fill the air with joyful sound”.  David didn’t miss a detail.  Steve will be glad the band was part of the procession.  It ends with “King David dancing ecstatically” which is a vision I am wrestling with as I think about you guys.  Somehow your dancing in any way seems like a stretch for most.  It sure would be for me.  But David had his heart where it belonged – worshipping God.

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