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1 Chronicles 14

 David is now king and some interesting things are noted in scripture in chapter 14.  Let’s look at a few:

1.      “David knew for sure God had confirmed him” – note that the way David know was how life was going.  Scripture tells us he knew “because of the rising reputation that God was giving”.  This was obvious to all.  Not only David knew – everyone knew that David was confirmed as King because God made it that obvious.

2.      David’s work as king was not about him but “for the benefit of his people”.  This was not a focus on David – it was a focus on the God of the universe and David did a pretty fair job most of the time keeping it that way.

3.      David “married more wives and had more children”.  Guys – I am not sure about this one but I do know that my wife and children are the biggest blessing God has given me.  Don’t miss that part of life.  God’s blessing starts at home!

4.      When David got the report that the Philistines were on their way to attack, “he marched out to confront them”.  Almost a blunder here.  He just takes off after the challenge….

5.      But then he gets it right: “David prayed”.  Big battle ahead – David stops and prays.  He didn’t pray before he marched, but he did pray before he battled the enemy.  Big lesson here men!

6.      “God answered”.  Do you get the connection here?  David prayed….God answered.  David didn’t win the battle.  God did.  And not in a small way.  “God exploded my enemies” is how David describes the victory.  This is a scriptural principle.  We pray and God answers.  It is not about what we do beyond turning to Him.

7.      Here it comes again:  “David again prayed….God answered”.  Worked the first time so he does it again.  God gave him a different tactic for battle this time but the result was the same.  The victory was the Lord’s.  David only got to be the instrument.

8.      “David did exactly as God commanded”.  He figured out the secret sauce guys.  It really isn’t that secret actually – it is OBEDIENCE.  Learn from the life of one close to God’s heart – David.  He got it right.  God wants us to experience the same victory and we can if we use the same formula.  We pray – God answers – His way in His time – we OBEY.

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