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1 Chronicles 12

The first part of 1 Chronicles 12 describes some of the mighty men of David.  “They were armed with bows and could sling stones and shoot arrows either right or left handed”.  These guys were good.  They had talent and were able to really handle it well.  They were warriors in David’s army.  But they weren’t just good – they were in a class all their own.  Scripture tells us “any one of them was worth a hundred lesser men, and the best of them were worth a thousand”.  Oh how I want God to see me as being “worth a thousand” as I am part of His army.  We are men.  We are in God’s army fighting with the enemy who is out to destroy us, our family and our land.  Are you shooting with both hands?  Are you worth at least 100 others?  We need to fight that way.  We need to be together in battle, guarding one another’s backs, and shooting with both hands.  I am privileged to know you and serve together in our fight for God’s ways!

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