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1 Chronicles 11

 The remainder of chapter 11 focuses on “David’s mighty men” – they were called the 30, but actually there were more than that on the list.  My guess is that being part of this elite team was such an honor that people were always lined up and trying to get involved.  There are a few characteristics of David’s men I want to call out here.  First, there appears to be a few standouts.  Jashobeam was “chief” of the 30.  A little later is tells us that Abishai is “chief” as well.  Can’t have two chiefs can you.  The commentaries I read talked about David’s mighty men being divided into a 1-3-3-30 system for a total of 37.  There are more names here on this list but it is cross referenced to Samuel’s account.  I am not going to go into a theological discussion since I have no clue.  What I do see here is that there were some guys who obviously were at a different level.  The “Big Three of the Mighty Men” as it is recorded in the message version really calls out that difference.  There were a few on this list that just stood above the rest.  Why?  What was different about them?  Well they were obviously great warriors.  They killed 300 here, 400 there, a lion or two and who knows what else.  But that is not what I see as the real differentiator.  The key was their loyalty to David and their willingness to serve him no matter what.  They went through the army of their enemy – the Philistines – to the well at Bethlehem to get David a cup of water because of his craving one night.  Seems like a little strange request doesn’t it.  The enemy is camped out between their position in a cave and the water, but they take off and do it anyway.  When they get back David refuses to drink it anyway and pours it out as a offering to God.  But catch what scripture says here: “These are the kinds of things that the Big Three of the Mighty Men did”.  Makes it sound like they were willing to lay down their life to accomplish anything that David needed at any time.  I want to be one of those guys.  I want to serve our Lord in a way that no matter what He asks me to do – my response is “here I am send me” just like Isaiah said.  Do you want to be just another guy trying to serve the Lord?  Are you content to just be part of the army?  Or do you want to be one of the “mighty men” – a man who goes to the next level in how he serves and leads?  I don’t want to just fit in the middle of the pack.  I want to go beyond that – in how I serve God, my loving wife, my kids and their families, my employees and customers, my friends and neighbors.  Guys – God is looking for a few good men just like David had.  He wants men who will stand up and be counted who will “link arms” like the Mighty Men of David did and get after it.  I want to be that kind of man and link arms with you.  Are you willing?  Will you make that commitment to serve our Savior and Lord?  Let’s not be content to just slide through life to salvation.  Let’s be on a mission to make a difference in this world that is intentional and significant.  That is my prayer and focus.  Will you join that goal?

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