1 Chronicles 11

The first section of 1 Chronicles 11 tells us the story of David’s rise to power.  There are some unique things that God calls out here.  First scripture tells us that David was “the real leader of Israel”.  Saul may have been king, but David was the real leader.  Who decides what it means to be the real leader?  There are a couple characteristics I think.  First and really the main decision maker is God.  Scripture says that “God told you – you will shepherd my people”.   David was on a mission from God.  He was appointed, anointed and selected to be “ruler of my people”.  Secondly – a leader has to have people who follow.  Leadership is all about how we are able to get folks to follow our vision and direction.  David is able to do that.  Have you considered your position of leadership and God’s anointing on you?  If you are just trying to do it on your own power, you will struggle.  If God is in control, he will help with the other key – getting people to follow.  Guys – what God originates, God orchestrates.  So often I feel inadequate and unable to understand how a little old farm boy from the cornfield can possibly lead anyone anywhere.  And left to my own ability it would never happen.  But if God calls me to lead, then my only task is to trust and obey – to step out in His power and do it leaving the details to Him.  I am not responsible to make anything happen.  God will take care of the details.  I am responsible to follow His direction and be obedient.  That is what leadership is about.  Following God’s direction myself and bringing those who follow along that journey.  David did a couple good things to get things started on the right foot.  He “made a covenant” with the people “in the presence of God”.  Sometimes leaders get the stupid idea that leadership is all about them.  That is backwards.  Leadership is about those you lead.  It is not about me, it is about the followers.  God entrusts people to a leader, not to see as people to use to get what the leader wants, but to build and encourage in their own growth and mission.  Too often we lose focus of our responsibility.  I love how verse 9 captures this beautiful leadership situation: “David’s stride became longer, his embrace larger…, GOD… was with him”!  This is as good as it gets guys.  If we are walking with God, if we are anointed by Him and on His path, our confidence is much stronger and His hand will be upon us.  My prayer for all of us is that our strides will become longer and our embrace larger – that we will lead in confidence and that we will reach far outside what seems humanly possible so we can make a difference in the lives of many.  God has entrusted us with followers.  We have wives and kids, employees, and other groups whom are looking for their leader to lead.  We can look over our shoulders and pretend it is not us – but God has put us in a place such as this to lead.  Are you leading at home?  Are you leading at work?  How about at church?  Don’t duck – this is one of the most important callings on your life.  Let’s get after it and make a difference as we lead God’s way!

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